Our marketing and creative professionals function as an "in-house" marketing team, though we are outsourced by your company or organization. We believe in asking the right questions after carefully listening to your definitions of your products, services and audience. Once we've exhausted our investigation, we sit back, take in a deep breath and allow our years of wisdom to brew with your visions to create the right message and plan to get the reactions you are seeking.

Over the years, we've learned that highly ethical standards in service solidifies our bond with our clients and keeps the energy, creativity and mutual respect with our clients at its highest level. We are accountable in what we say and do, and if we make a commitment, we intend on keeping it.  Our fusion of creative skills, strategic thinking and technology has proven to be a winning combination evidenced by customer satisfaction as well as many honors, awards and accolades.

Though our clients’ specifications may differ, the framework of our working process remains consistent.  Our creative professionals skillfully craft an integrated marketing plan after we define, design the communication process that will distinguish a company and/or products and services from the competition.  We identify our combined goals and work within our clients’ budget.

We systematically gather, record and analyze data in regard to the characteristics of a market.  These include analysis of purchasing patterns, competition comparisons and the economy.  Through targeted communication we influence attitudes and opinions, and effectively promote companies, products and ideas.  We involve and inform our clients throughout each stage of development and then evaluate our efforts, document them, and create a detailed report of our findings. We GUARANTEE superior industry standards.

BERNIE FURSHPAN : President. Since 1981, Bernie Furshpan has been linking up people, concepts, and brands. From his organizational skills to his aggressive and strategic approach, he continues to honor his commitment to conceive and execute authentic and winning campaigns by placing no boundaries in his implementations. Bernie has had a professional career in consulting and public speaking since 1975. He made a transition to the world of marketing via graphic design and ad layouts. Since then, Bernie has been keeping his clients out ahead of their competitive dust cloud with inventive brainstorming that facilitates breakthrough ideas and innovative actions.

"Sometimes, marketing directors are so intimately involved in the subjective nature of nurturing and cradling old and stale marketing campaigns, that they need an outside, objective, hard working agency to pull them away from what they have been locked into for many years. It's all about getting updated facts about their audience, understanding their psyche, and outputting the right message to create the reaction they are seeking.  We have fresh ideas when it comes to developing a recipe for success and my multi-faceted team creates the perfect marketing mix of the four P’s: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion." - Bernie

Furshpan Associates creates non-traditional and innovative marketing strategies from the top down and push the limits of conventional thinking to achieve the unexpected - whether it is building a marketing plan from the ground up or creating an alternative piece for a traditional marketing campaign. Our goal always remains the same - to provide integrated solutions for the new marketing landscape. Our methods reach the audience and influencers directly through events, retail, lifestyle outlets, and outdoor areas; creating and reinforcing authentic brand/consumer relationships at the street-level. Our approach to public relations and publicity straddles traditional and non-traditional marketing. From media relations to staged publicity stunts, we develop innovative strategies that gets the attention of the media of today, extending the reach and buzz of a brand.

JONATHAN FURSHPAN : VP Multimedia Development. From his mid-teens, Jon began building web sites for Furshpan Associates. He attended Northeastern University where he majored in Business with a concentration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  He eventually transferred to the University of Massachusetts's Boston campus, where his major and concentration remained the same.

While living in Boston, Jon held directorial roles in fields of Marketing and Public Relations for companies in the technology sector.  Using this experience, he co-founded Prodigy Technology–an educational software company – in 2004.  While at Prodigy Technology, Jon has focused his marketing and creative skills towards product development, with an emphasis on long-term strategic planning.  Feeling a desire to produce within the entertainment industry, in 2005 he began traveling frequently between his home in Boston and New York City to produce concerts at Lincoln Center and Hammerstein Ballroom with BigFish Productions, Bernie's concert production company.  Their most successful production, Legends of the Blues at Lincoln Center in 2005, received nationwide media attention and was treated to a surprise guest performance by John Mayer.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proclaimed the concert’s date in the City of New York as “Legends of the Blues Day.”

Jon’s love for producing was reawakened.  He went on to create a Hanukkah parody song in 2006 that received worldwide recognition on radio, television, and the Internet.  Soon after, Jon began producing dozens of radio jingles, television commercials, and promotional videos, primarily for clients of Furshpan Associates in the New York market.  His first jingle, “Dan the CityWide Man,” was voted the most recognized TV and Radio jingle on Long Island for 2007 by New York's Newsday.

Much of Jon’s production experience has been with concert events, entrepreneurial start-up ventures, and video, music, and multimedia projects.  As a result, Jon is a self-taught story boarder, script writer, director, and editor.  He has also become well-versed in music composition, writing, editing, and mixing.  In addition, Jon has provided voiceovers and backup vocals for many of the radio jingles he has produced.


Many of the online and print marketing campaigns have been recognized with honors by our peers in the marketing and advertising industry

First and Second Place awards from the BOLI
(Best of Long Island) competitions.
Featured websites have been spotlighted on CoolWebDesign.com
LISA (Long Island Software Awards): High Honors The Golden Web Award
Critical Mass Award SC Portal-Best of the Web Award
Webmasters Award Chiromaster 2000 Website Winner