Fashion is expression, it shows who you are and who you want to be…capturing that expression is David Mayer, clothing designer and manufacturer from Italy, who recently hired Furshpan Associates to create a presentation and layout characteristic of his International clothing line. The David Mayer collection represents inspiration, individuality, emotional attachment, and attitude, and with that he has created a unique blend of European culture, style and fashion. Furshpan Associates had once again demonstrated it’s high-level of competency and service by creating an exceptional presentation for this international designer, focusing on introducing the European collection to the American market. According to our Creative Director, “We are creating a bridge to link the gap between the International fashion industry and United States culture.” Furshpan Associates successfully produced an outstanding presentation to showcase and launch the David Mayer collection in the United States.

Proudly joining the Furshpan Associates impressive list of clients is Sea-of-Life, manufacturer of health and beauty products made to enhance your life, therapeutically and naturally. These products, made from minerals and salts from the Dead Sea in Israel, are not manufactured to simply use and enjoy; they are made so that you may experience the product, feel better and benefit from their therapeutic qualities, while experiencing the affects they have on the mind, body, and soul. And so it seemed like a natural pairing when Sea of Life and Furshpan Associates were partnered. Because Furshpan Associates prides itself on being a full service-advertising agency, a solutions agency, they creatively integrated the Sea-of-Life product line into a presentation that exemplified the products benefits, meeting all expectations of the company and more.

Life in the Fast Lane--NASCAR signed on Bernie Furshpan and his team to formulate and design a presentation to obtain a new fuel Sponsor for the NASCAR Racing Circuit. The team picked up momentum and began designing and implementing a marketing plan that would spark a major interest from the people at NASCAR. In keeping with the fast pace, Furshpan Associates developed an energizing presentation, one that represented the true talents and creativity of the staff, while fully incorporating everything NASCAR wanted in their presentation. Ultimately, the plan was a major success in that Sunoco Oil came on board as the NASCAR fuel sponsor. NASCAR wanted Bernie Furshpan to also develop their pitch to sell the title sponsorship for illustrious "Cup Series". Furshpan Associates crafted another effective presentation, forging out a plan with determination, expertise and creativity. Once again the team proved that they have the talent, drive and ambition to make a difference. They presented the plan to NASCAR and as a result, Nextel was signed on as the new sponsor of the NASCAR Racing Circuit.