Furshpan Associates creates business solutions for each of your marketing needs. We are a leading marketing agency and fully integrated with creative professionals at your service. Our team is composed of individuals from wide-ranging backgrounds including design, programming, marketing, branding, and management.

Because every client is different and with very specific needs, we assess your business goals at a microscopic level and offer services in order to acheve your goals. In essence, your goals become our goals.

Though our clients’ specifications may differ, the framework of our working process remains consistent. The following is a brief overview of our blueprint for success. When our clients succeed, we all succeed -- that is the Furshpan Associates way of doing business.

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, consider the wisdom of focused, innovative, and forward-thinking marketing of that we provide to our clinets. Each client requires a unique mix of marketing strategies to create their very targeted campaign. Our mix includes traditional direct-response, street and face-to-face, digital, events, telephony, fax and more. Tell us more about what you need and we'll give you an honest quote today. You'll be surprised at the quickness in response to your initial contact. Our customer service is our priority, and our clients boast about the fact that we stay in touch, they always know the status of their projects and use our services for decades. Request a Quote Now!

Assessment Phase
Phase one is the assessment period. This is when we sit down and discuss your visions, objectives and goals. We provide the assistance you need to articulate your brand attributes and help you to define your company’s competitive edge. We fully examine your strengths and weaknesses. A brief overview of tasks included in this phase are:
We will discuss your needs
Develop a task overview of the project.
Include setting a time frame for the operation to be done within your budget
Strategy Phase
Once we have taken our initial assessment we enter the strategy phase. Here we develop a design, marketing and/or branding strategy to fit your needs. The direction may be to build a corporate identity and we will discuss the possible avenues of our integrated marketing solutions that are result oriented. A brief overview of tasks included in this phase are:
We will examine the strengths and weaknesses of your own company.
We will also examine the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and determine which media will best deliver the desired results.
Different options will be discussed such as if there is a need for video production or website construction, and/or what role public relations will play in this campaign.
Production Phase
The next step is to take these ideas we have developed and ready them for production. Our objectives here are to arrive at an approved design concept and follow through will the fulfillment of the project. During this phase of brainstorming, development and presentation, we will work in the following stages:
Design work for composites.
Gain approval of design work.
Design refinement.
Fulfillment of project through completion.
Implement thorough Quality Control of project.
Offer final proof and gain final approval of client to proceed.
Implementation Phase
Now we are ready to proceed. This is what we call the implementation stage when we finalize the production tasks and prepare the project to be launched or presented to your publicist. We produce all of the necessary electronic files and documents that allow our clients to carry out the business/marketing strategy that has been established previously. The three steps are:
Produce hard copies of project.
Outline your media placement strategy and timeline.
Carry out marketing plan.
Post-Analysis Phase
Finally, we come to the last stage that we refer to as the post-analysis stage. Six months from the completion of your marketing/advertising campaign, we will carry out a marketing audit to assess our marketing and branding efforts. We shall purposely research in what way our client has benefited by our efforts, and what if any improvements can be made in order to maintain our long-term relationship with you- our valued client. To reiterate our post analysis process:
Research the market trend analysis for our client.
Follow up with a “success measurement” based on our work.
Present a detailed report, documenting our analysis results.
Our Exclusive Marketing Cycle
Furshpan Associates uses it's exclusive Marketing Cycle Chart to help manage their client's projects. The chart directs our efforts to complete our processes in an organized and efficient manner in order to complete an entire project or marketing cycle.

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